Tombstones Repaired by ZTR:

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This page will show repair examples made by ZTR:

Details are everything ! Below are some examples of work done by ZTR Click on photo to see larger photo.

New Zellers Base by ZTR

Repaired stone by ZTR (Gaffin)

New Cap (Doyle)

Jacob Sellers (before)

Jacob Sellers (After)

After ZTR repairs (McKibbin)

Hunter (Before)

After repair (Hunter)

Zellers Tombstone Repair / MS logo

Before (Sprecher)

After Oakwood (Sprecher)

After Oakwood (Sprecher)

Before Oakwood (Lookabaugh)

Lookabaugh- After (Oakwood Cem.)

Three piece repair (Miller)

Before Oakwood (Wallace)

After Wallace @ Oawood Cem.

OHIO (Marmon) Before

Lowe GAR flag holder Stillman Cem.

OHIO (Marmon) Cleaned

Perspective repairs (Silver Creek)

OHIO (Marmon) Completed

New Monument Installations

(Medal Of Honor) Plaque Restore

Replacement Veterans Markers

New Monument Installation

New Monument Installations

Specialty Installations