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Tombstone Rubbings (Do's & Don'ts):

Tombstone rubbings have become a tradition with some families. There really is a correct way to achieve the best results. Instructions or suggestions will appear to the right.

Instructions & Suggestions:

Tombstone rubbings today are much different today than they were years ago. A new rubbing paper has been developed so images come out much clearer than the old methods, such as Newsprint and chalk. Newsprint paper and chalk work fine, but has anyone ever noticed what a mess this creates, and yes it smears, you get it all over your hands and a smeared image eventually. What we suggest, is go to your local Monument Company and purchase some of this new rubbing paper, get a tennis ball, and have fun. This does not damage the stones in any way, and the hours of fun are endless. Pressures used to make rubbings the old way, sometimes caused crumbled remnants to fall from the stone. The new method does not have enough pressure to allow this.